BLOG: Synods,vocations,World Day of Vocations
This October, the entire Church is embarking on an unprecedented journey of renewal, starting at the grassroots level. And it needs you! more
Read the full text of Pope Francis' homily during the opening Mass for the synod on synodality. more
Read the address Pope Francis gave during a moment of reflection as he opened the synod on synodality on October 9, 2021. more
This month, the entire Church will enter into a synodal journey unlike any other. But what is a synod, and what is the purpose of this particular synod? more
You may have heard that the next Synod of Bishops is on the topic of synodality. But what are synods and why do we have them? more
A primer on synodality | One Body
Nicholas Jesson
September 29, 2021
In October, the Catholic Church will begin a two-year synod on synodality that involves the entire world. But what is synodality? more