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S+L BLOG: Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB

From the Toronto Sun The warm days of summer are upon us and one of the best aspects of summer vacations is the luxury of spending time with family and friends. Summertime is about putting into practice the gift and virtue of hospitality. What does it mean to be hospitable? How can we be hospitable ...read more
From the Toronto Sun When I returned to Canada in 1994 after having spent the final four years of my graduate studies in sacred scripture in Jerusalem, I was certain of one thing: Islam was becoming a growing, global concern and a great pastoral challenge for the Catholic church. Though my biblical studies were at ...read more
From the Toronto Sun Don’t devalue modern dads — on Father’s Day, learn from Joseph’s example On this day dedicated to fathers, we must take seriously the contemporary state of fatherhood. Several years ago, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI) remarked that “the crisis of fatherhood we are living today is perhaps the most ...read more
From the Toronto Sun Last Sunday we celebrated Pentecost, the birthday of the church. Over the past week, I have had several people ask me what is so unique about the Catholic church – what makes our experience distinctively Catholic? Why is it important to belong to a specific church? Isn’t it enough simply to ...read more
From the Toronto Sun This past week, Toronto-based St. Joseph Communications celebrated its 50th Anniversary. What began in 1956 as a basement letterpress operation is now the largest privately owned communications company in Canada, a leading provider of totally integrated communications solutions in content, print, documents and media. This modern success story is about the ...read more
From the Toronto Sun In his Message for today’s World Communications Day, Pope Benedict XVI hopes that the media don’t end up becoming, paradoxically, a means of a lack of communication! The Pope expressed that idea in this year’s message on the theme: “The Media: A Network for Communication, Communion and Cooperation.” Benedict XVI writes: ...read more
From the Toronto Sun The Da Vinci affair — both the book and the movie — has become a major cultural phenomenon reflecting, on the one hand, the ignorance of millions of people and, on the other, the delight the media take in promoting an entire product line that has nothing to do with the ...read more
From the Toronto Sun VATICAN CITY — When I was asked by the Young Presidents Association to help organize a six-day retreat here for 80 Canadian business leaders, it all seemed to be wishful thinking. How would senior Vatican officials ever welcome such a mixed group (two-thirds are Catholics; the rest are Protestants from several ...read more
From the Toronto Sun My column on the appearance of the “Judas Gospel” several weeks ago invited a veritable flood of responses from many parts of the world. A common question running through many of the messages from readers was how Judas’ action of betrayal of Jesus was part of God’s providential plan. What is ...read more
From the Toronto Sun Two weeks ago for my Easter Sunday column, I wrote about Mary Magdalene, that great heroine of the Christian tradition who has been so terribly misunderstood through the ages. Today I would like to look at the apostle Thomas, another resurrection witness and one of Jesus’ friends (and certainly one of ...read more