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S+L BLOG: Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB

From the Toronto Sun VATICAN CITY — When I was asked by the Young Presidents Association to help organize a six-day retreat here for 80 Canadian business leaders, it all seemed to be wishful thinking. How would senior Vatican officials ever welcome such a mixed group (two-thirds are Catholics; the rest are Protestants from several ...read more
From the Toronto Sun My column on the appearance of the “Judas Gospel” several weeks ago invited a veritable flood of responses from many parts of the world. A common question running through many of the messages from readers was how Judas’ action of betrayal of Jesus was part of God’s providential plan. What is ...read more
From the Toronto Sun Two weeks ago for my Easter Sunday column, I wrote about Mary Magdalene, that great heroine of the Christian tradition who has been so terribly misunderstood through the ages. Today I would like to look at the apostle Thomas, another resurrection witness and one of Jesus’ friends (and certainly one of ...read more
From the Toronto Sun This past Wednesday marked the first anniversary of the election of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as Pope Benedict XVI. At 78, he was the oldest pope elected in 275 years and the first German one in nearly 1,000 years. Ratzinger was probably the most well-known cardinal ever to become Pope and the ...read more
From the Toronto Sun This past week, a third-century papyrus manuscript containing the long-lost “Gospel of Judas” was presented to the public in Washington, D.C. amid much media frenzy. This is certainly interesting for those who study Church history and ancient manuscripts. But it changes nothing about how the Catholic faith views the figure of ...read more
From the Toronto Sun Today marks the first anniversary of the death of Pope John Paul II. In last Sunday’s column, I wrote about the lessons we learned from his very public dying. Today I would like to look at one of his most significant legacies: The unique relationship he forged and enjoyed with young ...read more
From the Toronto Sun It was a year ago this week that the world witnessed the final agony and passion of Pope John Paul II as he neared his death on April 2, 2005. As we prepare to commemorate the first anniversary of the Holy Father’s death next weekend, I would like to recall those ...read more
From the Toronto Sun Few people would disagree with the fact that Canada is facing a deteriorating health-care system. Nor could we deny the present reality that the nation is engaged in a debate about moving to a two-tiered system of health care. Is the only solution to the present dilemma of the Canadian health-care ...read more
From the Toronto Sun Is fasting a practice that Christians share with other believers? Can fasting and prayer really change the course of history? What is the meaning of fasting for peace? The Lenten season is a good opportunity to consider such questions. In antiquity, only religious fasting was known; today, there exists political and ...read more
From the Toronto Sun On Ash Wednesday this past week, Christians began the period of Lent in preparation for Easter. Throughout the centuries, Lent has been a very intense spiritual journey and experience for the followers of Jesus Christ, known as a special time of prolonged prayer, bodily discipline and generous giving. Readers of the ...read more