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S+L BLOG: Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB

From the Toronto Sun It’s that time of year again when many dinner-table conversations revolve around new teachers and new courses at school, college or university. What’s the new prof like in the history department? Does the TA at the medical faculty follow in the footsteps of the master professor? What pedagogy is the theology ...read more
From the Toronto Sun Hurricane Katrina is by far the worst natural disaster to hit North America in more than a century, leaving millions of people asking many questions. What kind of vindictive, terrible God would allow so many innocent people to be swept away? No one could have ever been prepared for the immensity ...read more
From the Toronto Sun It’s time to take stock of the unique experience that was World Youth Day 2005 in Germany last month. The cynics and the curious will ask: Will the event make any difference in how we celebrate and practice our faith? Was it worth the expense and effort? Could an elderly German ...read more
From the Toronto Sun MUNICH — Once the great events of World Youth Day 2005 ended last Sunday in Cologne, I joined a group of 95 university students from throughout Canada on an itinerant retreat through Germany and Italy, in the footsteps of the new saints and blesseds of the Church. (Among the group were ...read more
From the Toronto Sun COLOGNE — The eyes of the Christian world have been fixed on this Rhine River city as World Youth Day 2005 arrived. Nearly 410,000 young people from 190 countries packed Cologne and its surroundings for a follow-up to Toronto WYD 2002. “It’s the most peaceful invasion of all time,” declared the ...read more
From the Toronto Sun COLOGNE, Germany — Hundreds of thousands of young people from more than 160 countries have been streaming to this picture book German city on the Rhine River to prepare for the 20th World Youth Day that opens tomorrow. Each WYD has unique aspects, and this German version of what many have ...read more
From the Toronto Sun Over the past week we have all seen the headlines about the averted disaster of Air France Flight 358:”Miracle”; “Miracle on Runway 24L”; “It was indeed a miracle”; “The Great Escape,” etc. How else can we describe the averted disaster last Tuesday afternoon, when all 309 passengers and crew escaped within ...read more
From the Toronto Sun Hello again! Three years ago this past week we celebrated World Youth Day 2002 in Canada, an event that many Canadians are unlikely to forget for a long time. In the six months leading up to that celebration of Catholic faith, youthful dynamism and just plain good will, the Toronto Sun ...read more
From the Toronto Sun Pope John Paul II was the head of the world’s largest international organization of individual human beings.  No world leaders have ever had such an impact as he did.  I believe that he was the first real world leader we have ever known. The entire world lived his death like no ...read more
From the Toronto Sun The past week has been filled with memories of the past 26 years of the Pontificate of Pope John Paul II.  Somehow the theme of “opening doors” and “crossing thresholds” won’t leave me nor will some extraordinary moments in St. Peter’s Square. How well I remember that warm night of October ...read more