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I invite you to join us for the season finale of The World I Know as we look at Love. Love is such an over-used word in our society. We love pizza, we love our dog, we love Brad Pitt, we love rock music, and we love our best friend! In the first segment of ...read more
We watched many movies as a family over Christmas break, but none of them made the artistic and emotional impact on me that the 2008 production Slumdog Millionaire did. I will say that Slumdog Millionaire is one of the best movies I’ve seen. Briefly, Slumdog Millionaire is the critically-acclaimed and award winning film by director ...read more
I’m very excited to inform you of two things: One, I’ll be going to Nashville with Fr. Thomas Rosica this coming Friday, January 9th, to see the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia (the Nashville Dominicans) once again. It will be my second visit to Nashville and this time I won’t be filming! I will simply ...read more
After a Christmas hiatus, we resume The World I Know: Virtues in Action series. This week we look at Respect. In the first segment of this show, Akheem Isaac introduces us to basketball, dance and all the other ways students can show respect in school. I remember when I was trying to find the perfect ...read more
So last time, I had my chat with Donna Yiu about her involvement with the Chinese Catholic programming team at Salt + Light for the series Fountain of Love and Life. I mentioned to Donna that one of my highlights of the fundraising gala they organized on November 23rd was the feature story. At every ...read more
I don’t know how aware you are that Salt + Light has a deeply committed, resourceful, hopeful, inspiring Chinese Catholic programming team, but yes, we have one! Fountain of Love and Life, the first Chinese Catholic program produced in Canada, launched on Salt + Light Television in 2006. Now, they’re airing their third series, and ...read more
As you know, every week, I’ve been telling you about the upcoming episode of The World I Know: Virtues in Action. However, in order to provide you with wonderful Christmas programming and an opportunity to view some episodes you may have missed, we’ll be going on re-runs! On Tuesday, December 16th, we will be airing ...read more
Some of you may know of my excitement about the Nashville Dominicans (a.k.a. the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia), a religious congregation of Sisters based in Nashville, Tennessee. A few of us were able to travel to Nashville and meet them – you can read some of our blogs AND view the trailer by going ...read more
This past August, Madonna Gallo from Saint Elizabeth Health Care approached Salt + Light CEO Fr. Thomas Rosica about profiling Saint Elizabeth Health Care, an award-winning organization and not-for-profit charitable leader that has been delivering community health care since 1908. Fr. Rosica was enthusiastic about their work and asked me to lead the production on ...read more
This week on The World I Know we look at “Acceptance.” In the first segment of this show, Justin Cutajar describes God as the Great Artist! Despite the fact that God wanted the world to have a variety of races, nationalities, and cultures, people still struggle today with being accepted for who and what they ...read more