BLOG: World Youth Day
The Papal Welcoming Ceremony kicks off what some call the World Youth Day Triduum. The event is celebrated on the Thursday evening before the Way of the Cross (Friday evening), Vigil (Saturday evening) and Closing Mass (Sunday morning). The Papal Welcome is a highlight for many pilgrims; there’s always lots of excitement and given that more
As far as I can tell in our day and age, only church councils and papal transitions can attract the kind of global attention for the Catholic Church that is both honest and positive.  While working in Rome in February and March of 2013, I was struck by this reality and by how the intrigue more
Returning home after World Youth Day Rio 2013 there were several things I didn’t miss: the long walk from our accommodations to the media centre because traffic was closed, the language barrier, and the weather that fluctuated between hot beach weather, and damp, winter rain. One thing I discovered I really do miss the incredible more
Pilgrims have returned home, Copacabana Beach has been cleaned and Rio de Janeiro has returned to business as usual, but in the hearts of everyone something has changed. Something has to have changed. This has been my fourth international World Youth Day and every time, something changes. Perhaps it’s an insight, perhaps an emotion or more
Members of the Franciscan community O Caminho (The Way) play religious music in the Campo Grande neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro. The community helps the homeless on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. To find out more about this year’s World Youth Day in Rio de Janiero, visit CNS photo/Ricardo Moraes, Reuters more
For those who wanted to participate in WYD but were unable to come to Brazil, the opportunities to watch the events in the secular media were painfully few and far between. Although sound-bites were occasionally scattered throughout the news, it was clear that the global appetite to understand the context of the Pope’s trip to more
In a press conference held on Tuesday, July 30th, Archbishop of Rio and Chairman of World Youth Day Rio2013 LOC, Orani Tempesta, gave a positive assessment of the event. According to him, Pope Francis wowed everyone with his simplicity and his desire to always be near the people. “It is God who makes things. We more
I don’t want to run to the Cross. I want to run from the Cross. And today, the Monday after WYD the Cross beckons me. Today, exhausted, after a week of 16-hour days, I complained to Jesus that I had to do all the work by myself. Actually, I didn’t even complain to Jesus; I more
(CNS) Highlights of Pope Francis’ visit to Rio, during WYD Rio 2013 World Youth Day 2013 Flash Mob More highlights of Pope Francis’ visit to Rio during World Youth Day 2013 Bishops at World Youth Day practicing the Flash Mob more
This great interview in Spanish with Portuguese subtitles aired on Brazilian Television Saturday evening, July 27, 2013. more