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At 10:00 this morning, the Solemnity of Christ the King, in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis celebrated the closing Mass of the Holy Year of Mercy, with the new Cardinals, with the College of Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops and Priests. At the beginning of Mass, the Holy Father led the Rite of closing of the Holy more
This information is provided courtesy of the Holy See Press Office. List of Cardinals in alphabetical order. List of Cardinals in order of Age. List of Cardinals according to Nations and in order of Age. Graph: Distribution of Cardinal electors and non-electors. Graph: Distribution of Cardinals according to role. Composition of Cardinals according to geographical more
The Gospel passage we have just heard (cf. Lk 6:27-36) is often referred to as the “Sermon on the Plain”. After choosing the Twelve, Jesus came down with his disciples to a great multitude of people who were waiting to hear him and to be healed. The call of the Apostles is linked to this more
The evening of Tuesday, November 8, 2016 is now one of those historic dates that millions of people will never forget. Putting aside any personal opinions or feelings, watching the election unfold was utterly confounding. Only one thing united Americans that evening; one penetrating question swelled in the minds of supporters of Mrs. Clinton and more
In this Video Fr. Rob Galea discusses the need for stillness and silence in our busy lives. Eight Ways to Find Stillness: 1. Turn off Your Electronics 2. Enjoy the Scenery when Driving 3. Employ the Practice of Silence 4. Savour Your Food 5. Meditate 6. Sleep in Silence 7. Plug Into Nature 8. Tune more
Last Tuesday Pope Francis sent a message to participants of the COP22 Climate Change meeting taking place in Marrakech, Morocco. In the text, the Holy Father recalled that the Paris Agreement has set out a clear path requiring the collaboration of all the international community, and he quoted extensively from his encyclical Laudato si’, exhorting the promotion more
Emilie Callan reflects on the Pope's visit Jubilee of Prisoners in 2016, and how he has a special place in his heart for those who are incarcerated. more
November 13, 2016 St. Peter’s Basilica For you… the sun of justice shall rise, with healing in its wings” (Mal 4:2). The words of the Prophet Malachi, which we heard in the first reading, shed light on today’s Jubilee. They come to us from the last page of the last Old Testament prophet. They are more
In this Video Fr. Rob Galea discusses addiction and proposes seven steps to getting rid of addiction. Seven Steps: 1. Decide to Quit 2. Set A Date 3. Seek Professional and Personal Support 4. Identify Your Triggers 5. Get Your Environment Ready 6. Fill Your Time 7. Don’t Let A Relapse Be The End of more
 A fond memory I have growing up is that of fishing with my brother and my friends. There is something about the peace and calm that is necessary to fish that makes you more open in prayer and friendship. We read in the gospels that Jesus called his disciples right here on the shores of more