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Benjamin Boivin examines how utopian/dystopian works affect and reflect our culture – and what they reveal about the Christian perspective. more
Benjamin Boivin discusses a uniquely Catholic work of dystopian literature: Robert Hugh Benson's Lord of the World. more
John Milloy offers a perspective on the relationship between faith and today's political realities from a politician’s point of view. more
In his new book, The Unbroken Thread, Sohrab Ahmari makes a strong case for rediscovering the value of the great works and traditional wisdom. more
A 3 o’clock prayer | Everyday Miracles
Lisa Yglesias
September 1, 2021
Lisa and her friend are driving home from university for Easter. Lisa prays for protection at 3 o’clock, not knowing how much she was about to need it. more
Selling our home | Everyday Miracles
Joseph San Jose
August 25, 2021
Joseph and his wife are willing to pray hard to sell their home, but one thing they know they will not do: bury a statue of St. Joseph. more
As Christians, we must rediscover and become witnesses to the profound "weirdness" of our faith for the world in which we have been called to live. more
Looking for something good to watch? Something both entertaining and faith-inspiring? Check out these 7 Catholic movies! more
The focus for this year's World Humanitarian Day is the ongoing climate crisis and the human cost associated with it. What can Catholics do to help? more
When doctors advise Judy to terminate her pregnancy, she turns instead to a painful procedure, using prayer as a source of strength. more