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When doctors advise Judy to terminate her pregnancy, she turns instead to a painful procedure, using prayer as a source of strength. more
The Religion of the Apostles by Stephen De Young is a worthwhile read for anyone looking to enrich their understanding of the spiritual realm. more
Nina runs a childcare centre in Texas. One day, she decides to be bold in praying for the centre's needs and gets some surprising results! more
When Rodney brings a statue of Our Lady of Fatima on the subway, something unexpected happens. more
The miracle house | Everyday Miracles
John O’Neill
July 28, 2021
Building homes for others but barely able to make rent himself, John O’Neill receives a valuable lesson in the unexpected ways God provides. more
A letter to St. Joseph | Everyday Miracles
Marie-Astrid Dubant
July 21, 2021
Marie-Astrid is looking for a job, and a friend tells her to entrust her need to St. Joseph. But she also has a word of advice: be very specific! more
An extra host | Everyday Miracles
Fr. Clint Ressler
July 14, 2021
Fr. Clint's parishioner gets an unexpected visitor and a very special birthday present. more
Rose was sad. Her 4 grandchildren were being raised outside the Catholic faith, and her greatest wish was to see them baptized. So she decided to pray. more
The challenge of this Canada Day is not to “cancel” our love for our country but to work to make Canada better, to be a better Canada. more
Gregor Mendel is known among scientists as the "father of genetics". But he was also a Catholic priest and an Augustinian friar. more