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On the feast of St. Blaise, Deacon Pedro explores the rich Catholic tradition of devotions - and how to distinguish between devotions and distractions. ...read more
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Scott Harris discusses the feast of the Presentation of Our Lord, also known as Candlemas, and why it's an important feast to celebrate. ...read more
Noel Ocol gives us a behind-the-scenes peek of preparations for filming some Lenten and Easter reflections at the Art Gallery of Ontario. ...read more
Ashley Tran talks about the role of women in the Church and shows the importance that women have in proclaiming the Kingdom of God. ...read more
Why do we celebrate the Feast of the Presentation of our Lord with candles? Deacon Pedro delves into our tradition of La Candelaria, or Candlemas. ...read more
This “best of” edition of the SLHour looks back at the Synod on the Amazon and features chats with Rhonda Gruenwald, Marie Miller, and John Michael Talbot. ...read more
Read this reflection on the calling of Jesus' first disciples. We, too, can leave everything to follow Jesus, who gives us everything that truly matters. ...read more
St. Francis de Sales tells a naively profound story about a wise statue which reveals a great truth about our relationship with God. ...read more