BLOG: Matt Maher
Salt + Light Radio will broadcast its 100th episode on Saturday, February 26. The program, which first aired in January 2009, is part of the media ministry of Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation and is available on the Catholic Channel, Sirius Satellite Radio 159 and XM Radio 117. With host Pedro Guevara Mann, Salt more
Tonight’s edition of Perspectives features an interview segment with Sparrow Records’ newest gem, Audrey Assad. A recent convert to Catholicism and a New York City suburb native, Audrey told us about her vision for Catholic music and about how we should not be afraid to set the bar high. As mentioned in a previous post, more
In the course of compiling the daily Catholic newswires on Friday, I stumbled upon a most welcome treasure on the CNN religion blog of all places. The treasure? A new friend in the world of Catholic music. Audrey Assad. With her first album scheduled for release this week (it’s already available on iTunes, though), Audrey more