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In Part II, I gave a background on the author of the book Final Exit, Mr. Derek Humphry and a bit about the Right-to-Die movement. I do believe that the book is very compelling, but it contains some red flags. Here are some of them: ...read more
Below is the official text of the catechesis of Archbishop Bashar Warda, CSsR, catechesis, as delivered on Day 6 of the International Eucharistic Congress in Dublin. Archbishop Warda is the Chaldean Archbishop of Erbil in Iraq. Introduction: Catechesis Today I am invited to present a catechesis on suffering. A catechesis is not just a preaching ...read more
Let me conclude by summarizing my reflections on the voice of illness by sharing the wisdom of a friend, the wife of a deacon candidate. One of her colleagues at work was dealing with what seemed to be depression. All of a sudden it was as if a darkness and heaviness has descended upon her. ...read more
I have been blessed not to have had any major experiences with illness, death or suffering, although, as all of us, I have had my share of pain. I’d like to conclude with four insights that I have learned about suffering. First, I remember an experience I had several years ago at the L’Arche Daybreak ...read more
Yesterday we looked at the work of deacons, in the context of the voice of illness. Yesterday was the Feast of the Holy Innocents. These were the baby boys that were massacred by King Herod when the Magi did not return to him to tell him the whereabouts of the newborn Messiah (Matthew 2:13-18). It made ...read more
So far we’ve defined suffering in the context of people’s cry for God and we’ve looked at the tension between being and doing when involved in pastoral work. Yesterday we spent some time looking at how Jesus took care of suffering. Today I’d like to dedicate my thoughts to the work of the deacon, but I ...read more
In the first part, we defined the voice of illness as the voice inside all of us that cries out ‘where is God?’ In Part two we began looking at the work of pastoral ministers and the tension between being and doing. When I look at scripture, Jesus never shied away from healing anyone (at ...read more
Yesterday we looked at suffering as the ‘voice of illness.’ This is the voice inside all of us that cries out, ‘where is God?’ When faced with suffering, it is my tendency (and I believe part of our human nature) to comfort and to take away the pain. This is my first struggle as I meditate on ...read more
A couple of weeks ago, on Perspectives: The Weekly Edition, we were speaking about the Celebration of Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights. Rabbi Aaron Flanzraich mentioned that it’s no coincidence that Hanukkah begins on the day that has the least amount of light. It’s a celebration of light, in the midst of the darkness. And ...read more
Yesterday was the Feast of the Triumph or Exaltation of the Cross. For the last two days on the S+L Blog, we’ve been looking at why we exalt the cross, an instrument of death. We saw that Jesus died to destroy death for ever, so we don’t have to be under the power of death ...read more