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In this small 12 day series, Chris Adamczyk of Salt + Light shares his memories, hopes and traditions of Christmas. more
In this small 12 day series, Carlos Ferreira of Salt + Light shares his memories, hopes and traditions of Christmas. more
Mireille shares memories of Christmas in her native Lebanon, the way her family taught her to celebrate, and how she celebrates today, far from her famly. more
The top Catholic stories of this past year also included the Pope’s meeting with Fidel Castro and the Synod on the New Evangelization. Deacon Pedro sits with S+L producers Kris Dmytrenko, Alicia Ambrosio and Sebastian Gomes to explore the highlights of the Church in 2012. What do you think were the highlights of 2012? Share more
The feast of the Epiphany is celebrated in the Christmas season and through Matthew’s Gospel we become aware of the visit of the wise men or Magi who come in search of the Christ child so that they might present their gifts. It is interesting that in the homily of an early saint and bishop more
The seasons of Advent and Christmas seem to come so quickly and to be filled with many activities to say the least. In the everyday planning and preparations for family and community celebrations there are inevitably certain individuals who for whatever reason go unnoticed or unrecognized. They make important contributions.  They are invaluable in their more
What is chastity? How do we make the message of chastity appealing to young people? In this episode of Perspectives Weekly, Deacon Pedro Guevara-Mann speaks with Chris Stefanick about chastity and how we can live chastity in our lives. more
Most of us are concerned for the environment. Politicians, organizations and celebrities are constantly urging us to get “greener” and challenge us to “act more responsibly.” It seems that nothing today is more important than the need to take better care of our planet. On the other hand, another movement is gaining strength: Persons who more
When a bishop becomes a cardinal, he receives a new red hat and several new jobs within the Church, among them that of pastor for a Roman parish. Six bishops from different parts of the world will become Roman pastors this Saturday. Pope Benedict XVI announced on October 24 that he would elevate six bishops more
Tonight on Perspectives: Prayers for peace in the Holy Land, Pope Benedict meets with the President of Benin, and the Holy Father’s message for WYD pilgrims. more