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Prime Minister Stephen Harper today issued the following statement on the announcement that the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, elevated His Grace, Thomas Collins, Archbishop of Toronto, to the College of Cardinals, an international group of principal advisors to the Pontiff: The appointment of Thomas Collins to the College of Cardinals is a great honour ...read more
With any announcement of a consistory comes a flurry of media activity around the new Cardinal-designates. In New York, Archbishop Timothy Dolan appeared on NBC’s morning show with Matt Lauer in what is probably one of the Cardinal-designate’s most memorable interviews. ...read more
By now you’ve heard the great news for the Canadian Church: Toronto’s Archbishop has been named a Cardinal. All the local and national news outlets have been covering the story, including the CBC’s six minute phone interview with Archbishop Thomas Collins this morning. The Pope made the announcement following the celebration of Mass and the ...read more
Tonight on Perspectives: We tell you where the Pope is going in March, who was appointed Bishop of Valleyfield, Quebec, and give you details about the new Ordinariate for Anglicans in the U.S. ...read more
Jeroen shares his memories of Christmas in Holland as a child and gives us a peak into his Canadian Christmases with his Focolare community. ...read more
In 2008, the world came to Quebec City for the International Eucharistic Congress. Now Dublin, Ireland prepares to host this major ecclesial event. As the congress approaches, Fr. Thomas Rosica speaks with its Secretary General, Fr. Kevin Doran, about the Irish Church, Celtic spirituality and what Dublin-bound pilgrims can expect in 2012. ...read more
Daniel’s family is made up of a mix of Italian, Lebanese and Columbian cultures. He shares with us how he melds those different traditions and shares the richness of each culture with his children. ...read more
Joseph reflects on how his family’s Christmas celebrations evolved over the years and what that evolution revealed to him about celebrating Christ’s birth. ...read more
Growing up on the West Coast, David rarely experienced a white Christmas. He shares his memories of rainy Christmases in Vancouver and reveals what his parents did to keep Christmas commercialism at bay in the LeRoss household. ...read more