BLOG: Advent and Christmas
Jesus always confronted suffering with healing, with forgiveness of sins, and by offering hope and comfort. What can we learn from his example? more
Advent is a time of building – not just a season before Christmas, but a spirituality for the rest of our lives. And it can be hard work. more
Ana Valeria Luque from Panama shares a festive tradition that takes place each year in Panama City's busiest street. more
Christmas definitely won’t be business as usual in 2020! But what kind of Christmas will it be? And what kind of gifts can we give this year? more
An Advent Song From Congo | Advent Around the World
Fr. Dominique Mukonda
December 1, 2020
Fr. Dominique Mukonda from the Congo shares one of his all-time favourite Advent songs and reflects on its meaning. more
There is a voice inside all of us that cries out, "Where is God?" When faced with this "voice of illness" in others, how should we respond? more
Daddy to the rescue | Word Alive
Rev. Gregory Dyson
November 27, 2020
On the First Sunday of Advent, we see the people of Israel crying to God, like a child to its father. What does this mean for us today? more
There is a voice of illness inside each of us which cries out, "Where is God?" Deacon Pedro reflects on our search for meaning in our brokenness. more
Scott Harris explores the theological depths of two of our favourite Christmas hymns: "O Come, All Ye Faithful" and "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing". more
Read Deacon Pedro's final reflection for Advent in which he exhorts us to remember the mission of the Church and how we participate in that mission. more