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The Holy Father reminds those Catholics working in the Church and society of the origins of the Church’s mission: the triune God, in the mystery of divine love. The Church finds her meaning solely in being a tool for salvation, in filling the world with God’s word, and in transforming the world by bringing it more
Are there times when forgiveness doesn’t come easy to you? Is there a particular offense that would take your entire will to pardon? Last week, we posed this question on Facebook and not surprisingly, sex offenses were among the most common answers. With that said, we are reminded of the radical nature of forgiveness. If more
It seems that every time you turn around there is a new religious community emerging in the Catholic Church. Often times these new communities are the ones that are “bursting at the seams” with vocations. Take the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, for example, who just welcomed 23 new postulants in their more
On Tuesday, S+L’s production team was visited by Charlie Lewis, lead religion reporter for the National Post. Lewis asked each of us, as young Catholics in the media, how we feel about the Church’s response to the clergy sexual abuse crisis, as well as how we’ve perceived the sometimes questionable mainstream media coverage. Today on more