BLOG: dialogue
Pope Benedict began Day 2 of his apostolic journey in Benin when he met with President Yani Bono, diplomatic corp members and those of the government. This all took place in the Presidential Palace in Cotonou. In his address, the Holy Father used the symbol of a hand in speaking about religious diversity in the more
Here is Pope Benedict XVI’s speech in the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli in Assisi, Italy, before representatives of the world’s religions and non-believers: Dear Brothers and Sisters, Distinguished Heads and Representatives of Churches, Ecclesial Communities and World Religions, Dear Friends, Twenty-five years have passed since Blessed Pope John Paul II first invited representatives more
A few weeks ago, my mixed feelings about multi-faith advocacy were brought to the surface. Before I confess my misgivings, I must tell you that I’m especially indebted to people of other religions and denominations. When I was an agnostic high school student, a Bahá’í friend stoked my interest in God by inviting me to more