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The Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C – September 1, 2013 Jesus’ most important teaching moments in Luke’s Gospel take place at meals, parties, and celebrations, and we learn that each meal has a far greater significance than simply eating and drinking with others. Today’s table talk takes place in the context of the ...read more
The Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C – August 25, 2013 Though today’s Gospel (Luke 13:22-30) may well be a loose collection of sayings of Jesus, uttered in several different contexts but brought together here under the general heading of “who will be saved,” the overall tone of Jesus’ meaning is clear: The good ...read more
A few years ago, I picked up a book called The Diet Alternative. The author, Diane Hampton, told the story of how she found herself overweight, resorting to unhealthy eating and living habits, and not knowing how she’d gotten there. Her realization reached her during an eating binge and purge, when she realized she didn’t know ...read more
Biblical Reflection for the Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C – August 18, 2013 The Scripture readings for the 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time invite us to consider the implications of our commitments, our lifestyles and our relationships with others.  In the first reading from Jeremiah, the biblical prophet is called to comfort the ...read more
Biblical Reflection for the Assumption of the Virgin Mary – August 15, 2013 Each year the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary occurs on August 15. I would like to offer a few reflections on the historical and pastoral significance of this important feast, and its relevance for our own life. The ...read more
Edith Stein, the youngest of eleven children of a devout Jewish family, was born in Wroclaw, Poland, on October 12, 1891. Following the death of her father when she was only 21 months old, Edith was raised by her mother, who carried on the family business, along with her sisters. Edith eventually grew up to ...read more
During my years in the Holy Land, my frequent visits to Mount Tabor always left me with a great sense of awe, wonder, mystery, fear, and reverence before Jesus. Each time I visited Mt. Tabor and the beautiful church depicting the three tents for Jesus, Moses and Elijah, I was also very aware of the memory ...read more
The Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C – August 11, 2013 Named after the wisest of all the Israelite kings, Solomon, the book of Wisdom was used as a manual or textbook for young Jews living in a Greek culture from 300 B.C. to 200 A.D. The Jews were awed by the brilliant culture ...read more
A conversation between two students during lunchtime: “The apple is sad.” “It is? How do you know?” “It just is. Can you imagine being threatened with digestion all day? I would be afraid all the time!” “But… if it’s an apple, it was made to be eaten. Maybe that’s what it’s looking forward to.” Having ...read more
Founding an influential religious order, championing devotion to the Blessed Sacrament, the Blessed Mother, and the Sacred Heart, and mastering Catholic Moral Theology: these are but a few of the achievements that make the life and ministry of St. Alphonsus Liguori a true gift to the Church, both for his time and ours. St. Alphonsus ...read more