BLOG: Susan HooKong-Taylor
The news from Afghanistan is daunting. What can we do from so many thousands of kilometres away? How can we help? more
Selling our home | Everyday Miracles
Joseph San Jose
August 25, 2021
Joseph and his wife are willing to pray hard to sell their home, but one thing they know they will not do: bury a statue of St. Joseph. more
As Christians, we must rediscover and become witnesses to the profound "weirdness" of our faith for the world in which we have been called to live. more
Deacon Pedro discusses how and how often we should receive Communion. more
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As one flesh | Word Alive
Jovina James
August 20, 2021
God does not ask spouses to be silos working side by side but to sacrifice their desires, to be subject to one another, to give without counting the cost. more
The focus for this year's World Humanitarian Day is the ongoing climate crisis and the human cost associated with it. What can Catholics do to help? more
When doctors advise Judy to terminate her pregnancy, she turns instead to a painful procedure, using prayer as a source of strength. more
The Religion of the Apostles by Stephen De Young is a worthwhile read for anyone looking to enrich their understanding of the spiritual realm. more
Deacon Pedro Guevara-Mann reflects on Communion in the days of the Apostles and looks at evidence for the practice in the early Church. more