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Sister Marianne Cope (formerly Barbara Koob) was born January 23, 1838 and baptized the following day in what is now Hessen, West Germany. The young Sister Marianne worked as a teacher and hospital administrator in New York. In 1870, she was elected superior of St. Joseph’s Hospital in Syracuse. Seven years later she became second ...read more
Who doesn’t know the familiar song by John Lennon? Toronto is hit by an ice storm, over 600.000 households without power, large branches cover the streets and live cables are hanging loose, but in our hearts we’re confident that power will be restored soon enough, and Christmas is still some days away; no reason to ...read more
Pope Francis’s appointment of Father Riesbeck as my auxiliary bishop brings me great joy! I am pleased that his many talents will assist me in serving the needs of our English-speaking, francophone and other linguistic and cultural parishes. His community, the Companions of the Cross, has a gift for evangelization so I know Bishop-elect Christian ...read more
First I want to express how deeply humbled I am at the trust and confidence the Lord has placed in me. I express my gratitude and devotion to Pope Francis who has chosen me for this role and to His Grace, Archbishop Prendergast for his constant support and encouragement. I feel that this is also ...read more
I don’t know about you, but I stopped making resolutions for the New Year, years ago. It’s not that I wasn’t keeping my resolutions (well… sometimes) but that it all seemed so arbitrary. We should always be trying to improve, no? So why only do it at the end of the year? It’s sort of ...read more
It’s Christmas and all our worries- the food, the dinner guests, our families, the presents- seem to be multiplied. Jesus’ birth is supposed to bring us peace, but instead, during this time of the year, it seems that what we have least of is peace. And we go to Christmas Eve Mass looking for a ...read more
By The Rev. Dr. Karen A. Hamilton, General Secretary of the Canadian Council of Churches. Ah, the anticipation builds…. Some of us are anticipating that rustle of tissue paper and scrabble to untie ribbon that is Christmas morning. Some of us are anticipating the Hope, Peace, Love and Joy that is the reality of the ...read more
2013 has come to an end and so it’s time for our year-end-review. What are the highlights of this past year? What were the top news stories? What stands out the most in your mind? What’s your favourite Pope Francis moment? Join Deacon Pedro and our panel of S+L Producers, Cheridan, Alicia and Sebastian as ...read more
By Mark Matthews, our Salt + Light Hour Hollywood Undercover Missionary My co-workers and I got this crazy idea into our heads recently that we needed to visit a Goth Bar. If you don’t know what “Goth” is, it’s a whole movement of look/style/culture similar to punk, except that Goths are known for wearing all ...read more
  Watch Vatican Connections LIVE on Salt and Light at 8:00pm ET/5:00pm PT If  the year-in-review articles, videos and talk show segments are anything to go by, 2013 will be remembered not as the year Pope Benedict XVI resigned from the papacy, but the year Pope Francis was elected as his successor. From the moment ...read more