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S+L BLOG: Noel Ocol

Today on a special extended-edition of Perspectives: – The highlights of Pope Francis’ Weekly General Audience in Rome – Special moments at the CCCB Plenary with Cardinal Oscar Maradiaga and Carl Hetu, Director of the Catholic Near East Welfare Association – Some noteworthy catholic events and special programming on S+L   All coming up  today. ...read more
  Tonight on Perspectives: – Highlights of Pope Francis Weekly General Audience – The Paulist Fathers celebrating 100 years in Canada – The growing backlash against the proposed Quebec Charter of Values – The new fall program line-up on S+L All coming up! Enjoy! ...read more
Tonight on Perspectives September 11 2013: – Pope Francis draws parallels between the Church and a Mother during his Papal General Audience – The Quebec government intends to Ban all religious symbols with a new bill – Archdiocese of Vancouver raises funds over to help broadcast S+L into the American airspace.     ...read more
Today on Perspectives,  Pope Francis appeals for peace at his first general audience after the summer hiatus. We also take a look at his activities during August  and we look at a landmark fundraiser this Friday in the Archdiocese of Vancouver. ...read more
For those who wanted to participate in WYD but were unable to come to Brazil, the opportunities to watch the events in the secular media were painfully few and far between. Although sound-bites were occasionally scattered throughout the news, it was clear that the global appetite to understand the context of the Pope’s trip to ...read more
Dear Brothers and Sisters, This celebration has a very beautiful name: “Evangelium Vitae”, the Gospel of Life. In this Eucharist, in the Year of Faith, let us thank the Lord for the gift of life in all its forms, and at the same time let us proclaim the Gospel of Life.  On the basis of ...read more
This past Wednesday, the S+L team was on hand at Saint Paul University in Ottawa to host the fourth national screening of our latest film Across the Divide. And what an event it was! At a cocktail reception before the film, church dignitaries mingled with people from all walks of life, including a Canadian senator, ...read more