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Here are the stories that we bring you on today’s episode of Perspectives Daily: Pope Francis paid a visit to the City of Rome’s Capitoline Hill offices today, speaking with mayor Victoria Raggi and her staff. Find out what he had to say. Our friends at Grotto Network have a story from the Holy Land on a ...read more
Welcome back for another weekly edition of Vatican Connections. A lot of interesting headlines have been coming from the Vatican this past week. Here are some of the stories we bring to you on tonight’s show. The pope sends some big money to help the southern African countries struck by flooding in recent weeks. We’ll ...read more
Perspectives Daily brings you the latest Catholic news from the Vatican and around the world. ...read more
In reality, this movie is a story about how God works in our lives. It is a story about how nothing about God’s action in our life is unplanned. ...read more
What is the key to finding the living water of salvation? Find out in this thought-provoking homily from Deacon Robing Cheung for the 3rd Sunday of Lent. ...read more
A new series on the life of Jesus? This week Dr. Stephen Schneck tells us what’s different about Jesus: His Life - airing on the History Channel next week. ...read more
What does it really mean that the Holy Spirit chooses a pope and works through him? Sebastian Gomes reflects on six years of Pope Francis in Rome. ...read more
Here are the stories that we bring you on today’s episode of Perspectives Daily: Montreal’s City Hall has decided to remove a historic crucifix from its walls, and the city’s archbishop has some thoughts on the matter. Sr. Mandy Carrier,  a Sister of Mercy of the Americas, serves free meals at the Thomas Merton Center ...read more
Watch this video with Deacon Pedro, who speaks with Catholic school chaplains about their work, their hopes, and their advice for younger chaplains. ...read more
Here are the stories that we bring you on today’s episode of Perspectives Daily:  The pope reflects on the third part of the Our Father and explains why it makes sense to abandon oneself to God’s will.  The offer of resignation by Cardinal Philippe Barbarin as Archbishop of Lyons is rejected by the pope.  Deacon ...read more