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The miracle house | Everyday Miracles
John O’Neill
July 28, 2021
Building homes for others but barely able to make rent himself, John O’Neill receives a valuable lesson in the unexpected ways God provides. more
Five years ago, Fr. Jacques Hamel was murdered while celebrating Mass. His martyrdom is not without meaning and can even bear unexpected hope. more
Deacon Pedro concludes this series on Church Mothers with a look at a fascinating woman named Egeria, the first pilgrim to the Holy Land. more
The Knights of Columbus 139th Supreme Convention will be held virtually this year. Watch select events on Salt + Light TV, August 3-4. more
God provides for our every need, but so often we fail to recall that our God is not only a God of abundance but a God of super-abundance! more
A letter to St. Joseph | Everyday Miracles
Marie-Astrid Dubant
July 21, 2021
Marie-Astrid is looking for a job, and a friend tells her to entrust her need to St. Joseph. But she also has a word of advice: be very specific! more
Deacon Pedro explores the lives of four more women of the early Church: St. Melania the Elder, St. Melania the Younger, St. Paula, and St. Eustochium. more
The Lord is my shepherd | Word Alive
Sr. Damien Marie Savino, FSE
July 16, 2021
The image of the shepherd is an ancient one and the most common symbol of Christ in the early Church. But what does it mean for us today? more
Love is not meant to be temporary, fleeting, or self-centred but the deepest fulfillment of who we are. And marriage is the fertile ground for this love. more
An extra host | Everyday Miracles
Fr. Clint Ressler
July 14, 2021
Fr. Clint's parishioner gets an unexpected visitor and a very special birthday present. more