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S+L BLOG: Deacon Pedro

Nestled on the outskirts of the tiny community of St. Agatha, Ontario lies the Carmel of St. Joseph, the home of a cloistered, contemplative community of Carmelite Nuns. They observe their vows of poverty, chastity and obedience in joy, and direct their lives toward prayer and the contemplation of the things of God. A few ...read more
Once again, the 40 Days for Life campaign has begun in 167 cities across the U. S., as well as cities in Canada, Northern Ireland and Australia. In Canada, this time around, it’s taking place in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Kelowna, BC, Guelph, Toronto and Montreal. In Toronto, the campaign kicked-off last night with guest ...read more
Be sure to watch the launch of Perspectives: The Weekly Edition tonight at 7 and 11 pm ET (8 pm PT). Joining me are newly-ordained Auxiliary Bishop of Toronto Vincent Nguyen and screenwriter/blogger Sr. Marie-Paul Curley of the Daughters of St. Paul. (Prior to tonight, Bishop Nguyen’s most recently appeared on CBC’s “The Hour” with ...read more
Change is coming to S+L! As you’ve been hearing from our daily Zoom updates, the final edition of Zoom aired on Friday, but we’re pleased to announce the new platform with which we will bring you our daily updates: Perspectives. Beginning today and continuing Monday through Thursday at 7pm ET, and available on demand at ...read more
It seems that every day I am reminded of my own mortality. If it’s not news from Haiti, it’s news that someone has died – or has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. No one wants to think about death or about losing a loved one, but death is one of life’s certainties: we will ...read more
The whole world has its eyes, once again, on Haiti, the poorest country in the Americas. The courage of the Haitian people has again been tested. As all of you already know, last Tuesday, an earthquake, registering at magnitude seven, hit the island nation – the most violent earthquake to hit the country in 100 ...read more
Salt + Light Television is pleased to bring viewers the Episcopal Ordinations of Toronto’s two newest Auxiliary Bishops this coming Tuesday and Wednesday. Bishop-elect William McGrattan will be ordained Bishop on Tuesday, January 12th at St. Peter’s Cathedral in London, Ontario, while Bishop-elect Vincent Nguyen will be ordained Bishop on Wednesday, January 13th at St. ...read more
Unbelievable, but true, last week, Salt + Light Radio turned 50. We’ve been doing this program for a year now and it’s time to thank you all for being with us, for listening, for sending your comments (we love comments) and for supporting us through your words and prayers. To commemorate our “golden anniversary,” for ...read more
It seems that every year we have the same discussion around this time: what is the real meaning of Christmas? and let’s keep Christ in Christmas. There are even campaigns to boycott department stores that refuse to acknowledge the “reason for the season.” It’s so easy to jump onto that band wagon. To add to ...read more
Exactly 20 years ago I was at a nightclub in Panama, where I had gone to spend my Christmas holidays. I had just gone for dinner with my brother and his new girlfriend and gone to watch the movie Sea of Love, with Al Pacino. Just after midnight, the owner of the club shut the ...read more