BLOG: Deacon Pedro
In Part I, I gave a background on the author of the book Final Exit, Mr. Derek Humphry and the Right-to-Die people. I do believe that the book is very compelling, but it contains some red flags. Here are some of them: He is very proud of his book. I cannot mention the number of more
As many of you know, the Canadian Parliament is currently considering a bill to legalize euthanasia and physician assisted suicide. Bill C-384, proposed by Bloc Quebecois MP Francine Lalonde, would alter the criminal code to allow doctors to cause quick and painless death if a patient “appears lucid,” is aware of other treatment options and more
This past Monday was the 20th anniversary of the Fall of the Wall. Thousands of people gathered in Berlin to commemorate the fall of the wall which separated the city’s east and west during the cold war. The wall was built in 1961 by the East German Government to end a constant flight of its more
Last week Canadian Member of Parliament for the Winnipeg-area riding of Charleswood-St. James-Assiniboia, Steven Fletcher, who is a Quadriplegic has stated he will abstain from voting on the right-to-die bill, C-384, which is currently going to its second reading in the House of Commons. This bill would allow people with terminal illness and those in more
Scripture tells us that man does not live from bread alone, but from every word that comes from the mouth of God. I’ve always intellectually understood that, but two weeks ago I was most blessed to be part of the Festival of Faith in London, ON, and I can now say that I know, deep more
This year’s Canadian Gospel Music Association’s Covenant Awards nominations include two Catholic singer/songwriters well-known to S+L audiences: Chris Bray and Janelle. Alberta-native Janelle is best known to us as the singer of the French version of the World Youth Day 2002 Theme Song, Lumière du monde. Since then, Janelle’s powerful voice and dynamic enthusiasm has more
Salt + Light Radio returns for a second season after a bit of a change of pace with the Summer Edition. Kris Dmytrenko returns as our news producer, keeping us up to date with everything that’s of interest to Catholic Canadians – this week he will focus primarily on the reactions to the Kennedy Funeral. more
Yesterday I was happy to attend the Mass of Thanksgiving and Farewell for one of Toronto’s Auxiliary Bishops, now the new Bishop of Charlottetown, Bishop Richard Grecco. Bishop Grecco leaves Toronto after being the senior Vicar General and the Auxiliary Bishop of Toronto responsible for the Central Pastoral Region and Scarborough of the Archdiocese of more
As many of you already know, S+L Radio has been taking a bit of a break this summer and have been digging into our archives to bring you some of the best of S+L programming. We are proud to be able to bring you, for the next three (and final) weeks of the Summer, three more
As you know we’ve been taking a break from S+L Radio and instead bringing you S+L Radio: The Summer Edition, including some of the best of our concerts, talks, catechesis sessions, reflections and interviews from our archives. Some of these have never been heard before, on radio or TV. We’ve spent the last couple of more