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S+L BLOG: Deacon Pedro

Exactly 20 years ago I was at a nightclub in Panama, where I had gone to spend my Christmas holidays. I had just gone for dinner with my brother and his new girlfriend and gone to watch the movie Sea of Love, with Al Pacino. Just after midnight, the owner of the club shut the ...read more
Many of you joined us at St. Paul’s Basilica in Toronto for an evening with The Priests. If you’re not in Toronto or if you missed the live webcast, you can tune in this Sunday, December 20th, at 9:30pm ET for Harmony: An Evening with The Priests. The concert will repeat on Monday, December 21st ...read more
Today is December 12th and the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe – a huge feast for Latin-Americans (and as we learned on S+L Radio last week, Filipinos too). This feast day was always a big one in my life, as my Parish in Panama was called Our Lady of Guadalupe. I wrote about this ...read more
It’s no secret to those who know me that I’m a big fan of Sarah Hart, so it’s with great excitement that I announce that she will be in conversation with me tonight on Catholic Focus. Sarah went up to Midland, Ontario last July for the Toronto Archdiocesan Youth Rally and we had a chance ...read more
We did it! Thanks for Sony and The Priests, but especially thanks to you – last night we were able to do a live webcast of The Priest’s concert, from St. Paul’s Basilica in Toronto. The concert was a wonderful evening – there were some 800 people present and Frs. Eugene, David and Martin treated ...read more
It’s that time of year!  Just like last year around this time, we’re receiving a visit from three very special singing Irish clergymen. As many of you know, The Priests will be performing tonight in Toronto at St. Paul’s Basilica. The evening will feature songs from their second album ‘Harmony’, released on November 23rd. If ...read more
I had been explaining some red-flags that I found in the book Final Exit by Derek Humphry (see Part II, and also Part I), and ended up talking about relativism: you may not want euthanasia for yourself, but don’t impose your beliefs on someone else, which is the number one flaw with this book, and ...read more
As many of you know, we’re spreading our Catholic message of hope to listeners of XM and Sirius Satellite Radios. In case you didn’t know, through a partnership with the Catholic Channel (Sirius Satellite Radio 159 and XM Radio 117), Salt +Light Television has a weekly program, Saturdays at 10pm ET called, appropriately enough, S+L ...read more
In Part I, I gave a background on the author of the book Final Exit, Mr. Derek Humphry and the Right-to-Die people. I do believe that the book is very compelling, but it contains some red flags. Here are some of them: He is very proud of his book. I cannot mention the number of ...read more
As many of you know, the Canadian Parliament is currently considering a bill to legalize euthanasia and physician assisted suicide. Bill C-384, proposed by Bloc Quebecois MP Francine Lalonde, would alter the criminal code to allow doctors to cause quick and painless death if a patient “appears lucid,” is aware of other treatment options and ...read more