BLOG: Deacon-structing,Lent and Easter
The series concludes by looking at Teresa of Avila, Catherine of Siena, Therese of Lisieux, John of Avila, Hildegard of Bingen, and Gregory of Narek. more
Going beyond ourselves | Word Alive
Paul Jarzembowski
May 7, 2021
Perhaps now more than ever, we need to be called by the Lord to a sense of renewed solidarity despite the obstacles that face us today. more
We continue exploring Doctors of the Church with Peter Canisius, John of the Cross, Robert Bellarmine, Albert the Great, Anthony of Padua, and Lawrence of Brindisi. more
In this Sunday's Gospel, Jesus says, "Apart from me you can do nothing." How do we understand this and what it means for our lives? more
We continue exploring Doctors of the Church with Francis de Sales, John Damascene, Ephrem, Bede, and two Cyrils. more
Jesus the Good Shepherd teaches us by his example how to be trustworthy leaders in our own circumstances. What might that mean for you? more
We continue exploring Doctors of the Church with Peter Chrysologus, Leo the Great, Peter Damian, Bernard of Clairvaux, Hilary of Poitiers, and Alphonsus Liguori. more
The stories we tell | Word Alive
Patrick Sullivan
April 16, 2021
The stories we tell help us make sense of our lives, and as Christians, we must tell our stories in the light and truth of Easter morning. more
On April 11, Pope Francis celebrated Mass for Divine Mercy Sunday at the Church of Santo Spirito in Sassia, in Rome. Read the full text of his homily here. more
Deacon Pedro continues his exploration of the Doctors with Basil, Gregory of Nazianzus, Athanasius, Bonaventure, Anselm, and Isidore of Seville. more