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Before I return to Toronto, I would like to highlight one final result of the Synod of Bishops that may result in a national event on the Word of God. Back on October 8th, Bishop Luc Bouchard asked the synod to consider launching an international congress on Scripture, similar to the International Eucharistic Congresses. The ...read more
As heard on Friday’s Zoom, this Sunday, November 2nd, there will be a closing rally in Ottawa for the 40 Days for Life vigil that has been on-going since late September. As a press release says: The 40 Days for Life campaign was organized to pray and fast to end abortion. In the past two ...read more
Continuing our blogs from S+L’ers who were in Los Angeles for the Gabriel Awards, we bring you this blog from Marc Boudignon, one S+L’s fantastic editors, whose credits include ‘Opus Dei: Decoding God’s Work,’ ‘Turning the Tide,’ and ‘Road of Hope: The Spiritual Journey of Cardinal Nguyen Van Thuan’ A Sunday in downtown Los Angeles ...read more
Before he returned to Canada, Cardinal Marc Ouellet graciously granted us an interview outside Paul VI Hall. The ever-candid Archbishop of Quebec City revealed why Pope Benedict released the synod propositions to the media, why the synod perhaps generated less headlines than it should have, and which topics he hopes the next assembly will discuss. ...read more
As an undergrad student studying English Literature I developed a new life philosophy: “that which is understood need not be analyzed”. This was to create a healthy intellectual distance between myself and the professors and teaching assistants who insisted on analyzing to death every minute details of anything that was read as part of the ...read more
It’s no doubt that this has been one of the most interesting elections in the United States ever. It is also an important one and this time, more than ever, it seems that the Catholic vote will be crucial. As we approached our own Canadian election, I became more and more disillusioned by how the ...read more
Paul’s encounter with the glorified Lord on the way to Damascus convinced him that Jesus had died and risen for him and for all. The mystery of the Cross showed him the power of God’s merciful and saving love. As Paul told the Corinthians, he came not to preach in lofty words or wisdom, but ...read more
The clinking of glasses, the smell of perfumes and joy filled introductions encompassed some of the sights and sounds of one of the biggest evenings in the short lived history of Salt + Light Television. Could it really be? Were we really sitting inside the same walls that housed the Academy Awards in the 20s ...read more
This week on The World I Know we look at Conscience. I have to say I was considering opening the episode with a stand-up about Jiminy Cricket. Since watching Disney’s “Pinocchio” as a little kid, I always imagined my conscience as a ‘Jiminy Cricket,’ always chirping over my shoulder. And so I thought it might ...read more
For many, Joan Lewis needs no introduction. EWTN’s Rome correspondent is a regular feature on their television and radio networks, as well as online with her blog. The city, it would seem, is hers. From her stories, one can tell that she must be particularly well-connected among American ex-pats and visiting prelates. Before we shared ...read more