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Salt + Light Television coverage on Monday begins at 8:50 am ET.  The first catechesis of the 49th International Congress will be given by Archbishop Donald Wuerl of Washington, D-C.  Following that will be a witness talk by Jean Vanier, the founder of L’Arche, and our morning coverage concludes with Holy Mass presided by Cardinal ...read more
`Don`t ask what is the Eucharist…. but who is the Eucharist!` Those words from Cardinal Jozef Tomko`s fantastic homily at today`s opening Mass. This was one point in particular that stood out for me: Cardinal Tomko`s emphasis that the Eucharist is not some relic of a body — but it is the living Jesus, His ...read more
The 49th International Eucharistic Congress got under way Sunday afternoon with an impressive theatrical opening ceremony.  The customary welcoming speeches kicked off the event.  Attendees heard from Cardinal Marc Ouellet, from the mayor of Quebec City, a representative of the provincial government of Quebec, the Vatican’s Canadian ambassador Archbishop Luigi Ventura, and the minister of ...read more
We’d like to apologize to all our viewers for the technical difficulties we experienced Sunday afternoon that twice caused an interruption in the transmission of the Eucharistic Congress activities.  The problem occurred outside of our broadcast centre, and was at an third party’s fibre optics centre in Toronto.  The equipment malfunction affected not only Salt + ...read more
The Salt + Light crew has arrived in Quebec City for the 49th International Eucharistic Congress! (IEC)  The equipment is set and the tests have been completed, now it’s just a matter of transmitting the activities from Quebec City to you — our viewer!  It’s going to be a busy week, and if its anything ...read more
As the International Eucharistic Congress rapidly approaches, the Ark-carrying pilgrims have begun their descent from Northern Quebec. On the eighth week of 64 Days with the Ark, we follow the portageurs from Lac-Bouchette to Chicoutimi. Along the way we meet Pierre and Charlotte, whose mere presence on the pilgrimage is remarkable given that their marriage ...read more
Last Friday I shared an excerpt from a devotion on the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I just wanted to comment further on a particular line of the passage. We must be very human, for otherwise we cannot be divine … I recently had some people turn down interviews because they did not feel worthy or ...read more
I stumbled across a wonderful meditation on the Sacred Heart of Jesus in a prayer book of mine (Handbook of Prayers, Midwest Theological Forum, sixth edition 2005). I wanted to share an excerpt with you: “… note that God does not say: “In exchange for your own heart, I will give you a will of ...read more
A while back I was listening to a morning talk show that I sometimes tune into. The host is a jaunty, garrulous guy who, with his female partner, easily keeps his listeners entertained daily with small talk for the duration. Like others in his craft, for listeners he has kind of become “part of the ...read more
“I think the oddest thing about the advanced people is that, while they are always talking about things as problems, they have hardly any notion of what a real problem is.” – Uses of Diversity, G.K. Chesterton “G.K. Chesterton? Who’s that?” I expect most people would ask this question once I bring up the name ...read more