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S+L BLOG: Cardinal Newman

For many Catholics, their first encounter with Cardinal John Henry Newman is on a university campus. It’s a natural association, given Newman’s experience as a rector, which informed his volume of discourses The Idea of a University. Still, I was surprised to learn, while researching for Catholic Focus, that the first Newman Club was established ...read more
Who really is Cardinal John Henry Newman? Back when I was a student involved in the Newman Centre at Queen’s University, I confess that I knew nothing about the life and works of the centre’s namesake. Now, having spent the past few weeks researching him for Catholic Focus, I’ve learned that it’s not an easy ...read more
Today’s Scripture readings see the proper use of material possessions as an essential ingredient in the life of faith.  The three sayings of today’s Gospel suggest a contrast between worldly wealth and eternal wealth.  Luke’s parable of the dishonest steward [16:1-8a] must be understood in the light of the Palestinian custom of agents acting on ...read more
Chapter 15 of Luke’s Gospel is often referred to as the “Lost and Found” collection of the New Testament. The chapter begins with the parable of the lost sheep [vv 1-7], followed by the parable of the lost coin [vv 8-10], reaching its crescendo in the masterpiece of the parable of the prodigal son [vv ...read more
Cor ad cor loquitur — heart speaks to heart. That’s the motto Cardinal John Henry Newman chose for his coat of arms when he was given the red hat. Some 130 years later, it’s the theme of Pope Benedict XVI’s Apostolic Journey to the United Kingdom – a visit that will be highlighted by the ...read more
[The following article from Salt + Light Television CEO Fr Thomas Rosica, CSB, was published in the weekly English edition of L’Osservatore Romano on August 11, 2010.] On 19 September, 2010, in Birmingham, England, the long awaited Beatification ceremony will take place for the great Victorian Catholic theologian, John Henry Cardinal Newman, one of the ...read more