BLOG: Caritas
The economic crisis weighing down on Europe has caused staggeringly high unemployment rates, resulting in some families losing part or all of their income. People who never had trouble making ends meet, now find they need help feeding their families. At the same time many people who used to donate faithfully to aid agencies, have more
The theme for the latest edition of Nothing More Beautiful is The Church We Believe in is Catholic. To stress the Catholicity, or the universality, of the Church, this episode takes on a bit more of an international flavour.  You’ll notice flags from a number of countries in the Basilica — representing the many different more
Every day I usually take a moment to take a look at the photos on the Catholic News Service newswire. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve come across heartbreaking photo after heartbreaking photo coming out of Pakistan, where flooding has devastated the region. At least four millions people have been left homeless — that’s more