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S+L BLOG: European Union

The man who designed the European Union flag, Arsène Heitz, was inspired by scripture and the image of Mary on the Miraculous Medal. While he never hid the fact that the flag he designed is “Our Lady’s flag”, the European Union itself has offered different explanations for the evocative design. The flag, and the EU ...read more
Today on Perspectives, Pope Francis announces he is coming to the United States, tells a gathering that marriage and the family are in crisis, his weekly Angelus, condemns abortion and other medical procedures that violate human dignity and a look ahead to his trips to Strasbourg and Turkey. ...read more
Tonight on perspectives:  The pope receives a group of Japanese students, and Members of the European parliament  nominate Pope Francis for a Prize. ...read more
Tonight on Perspectives, The Holy Father continues his catechesis on Christian prayer and an unorthodox display of anti-EU sentiment. ...read more