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Fr. Rob Galea talks about Fasting and how to prepare for it. ...read more
Welcome to S+L’s Weekly News Round-Up, where we search, summarize and present to you interesting Catholic News from around the world. As the Director of Marketing and Communications here at S+L, I am exposed to many interesting Catholic news stories and articles on a daily basis. Some of them we cover on our different programs and ...read more
I wanted to start out not just “deaconstructing” Lent but more so with a reflection on Lent, in order to help us understand the meaning of Lent. But in the last week I’ve had so many questions about fasting and abstinence and about what we can do and can’t do in Lent that I would ...read more
Fasting has an important place in all the great religions. The Old Testament lists fasting among the cornerstones of the spirituality of Israel: “Prayer is good when accompanied by fasting, almsgiving and justice” (Tob 12:8). Fasting implies an attitude of faith, humility and complete dependence upon God. Fasting is used to prepare to meet God ...read more
The 40 Days for Life campaign currently underway began in College Station, Texas in 2007.  It was organized as a 24 hour vigil that would last for 40 days.  Since that first event, the event has spread over the past four years to include 247 cities around the world this year.  Participants embrace the three ...read more
This is the text of Fr. Thomas Rosica’s address to the Ontario Government Heritage Dinner held on Wednesday evening, March 9, 2011 at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto.  Over 2000 people were in attendance at this special event hosted by the Ontario Liberal Party.  Fr. Rosica makes reference to Ash Wednesday, the Lenten Season ...read more