BLOG: Galilee
  By Rev. Dr. Karen Hamilton General Secretary, The Canadian Council of Churches   Jews, Christians and Muslims together for the Arabic/English worship service at St. George’s Anglican Church in Jerusalem. As word and music filled space and hearts we were made to feel so welcome. What an interesting experience for all but in a more
“Good morning Jenna,” a friendly male voice chimed. “It appears that you have drawn the short straw!” These were the warm words I heard as I picked up the first phone call of the day on the morning after one of the best days of my life. The voice belonged to Mr. Jerry Adler at more
Two weeks ago today, I finally made a visit to the Royal Ontario Museum for their exhibition of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Much of the exhibit was focused on providing context to the scrolls, as well as the brief history of their finding and restoration. One week ago today, I was scheduled to be in more