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Today on Perspectives, Pope Francis’ birthday, a new saint for the Church, a Canadian is reconfirmed in Rome and big news for Catholics in New York. ...read more
 By Leanna Cappiello New York (S+L) Welcome to the new year! Since surviving the sorrows and savoring the successes of 2012, everyone is asking the same question, “What’s your New Year’s resolution?” The top 3 answers I get when I ask this question are: lose weight, cut spending, and get organized. I see the effects ...read more
On Sunday May 20, fifty university students from across the USA descended upon the Holy See Mission to the UN in New York for a week long seminar looking the what the Holy See Mission does and why. Following Mass and dinner together on Sunday evening, the students were introduced to some members of the ...read more
In February 2009 my wife and I drove my colleague, Kris Dmytrenko, to the Buffalo, New York airport. He was flying to Rome for work, and giving him a ride to the airport gave us the opportunity to visit a few shrines in the upstate New York area. One of the shrines we visited was ...read more
There are few better stewards of tradition than the Catholic Church. Even in matters unrelated to faith, morals or liturgy, precedence isn’t taken lightly. One example has been the practice of electing a president of the national bishops’ conference. These elections rarely garner much press because, following tradition, it is assumed that the vice-president will ...read more