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S+L BLOG: Olympics

It’s been just about a week since the Olympics have wrapped up, leaving many of us wondering: have the Olympics changed Canada for the better? This past Monday morning—the morning after Sidney Crosby’s historic goal and the resulting goal medal win in men’s hockey—S+L took to the streets to hear what Canadians had to say. ...read more
They seem at odds, don’t they? Christianity that encourages us to foster virtue – everything that’s nice and sweet, gentle and kind; versus Olympic ambition (supplemented by the Own the Podium program) that encourages our athletes to go for gold, to win, win, win! Own the Podium has been criticized as un-Canadian, as rude, as ...read more
As of today, we are on Day 8 of the Vancouver Winter Olympics.  I know we’re all excited about our amazing athletes and all the medals we’re winning, but how about the Catholics ministering to the public at large in Vancouver right now? Go to www.claytonimoo.com and you’ll meet Clayton Imoo, Director of Youth Ministry ...read more
With the Winter Olympics underway in Vancouver, Catholic News Service takes a look at the Church and sports. John Thavis and Carol Glatz report. To download Flash Player please click here ...read more