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These days it’s easy to be discouraged reading the news about never-ending scandals popping up here and there, or about the shortcomings of various role models, or the interviews of well-known people criticizing one another, and so on. I’m sure that we all can think of examples and that we all recognize an overwhelming flow more
Today we celebrate the feast of the Archangels — St. Michael, St. Gabriel, and St. Raphael. Take some time today to look up  Scripture references to the different Archangels and meditate on the work of these heavenly messengers. For St. Michael flip to Revelations 12 (there’s also references in Daniel 10 and 12), St. Gabriel of more
In her short life Saint Therese of Lisieux left us with three manuscripts that would become the Story of a Soul. Much more than a simple autobiography, her story has transformed many lives. This documentary retraces the steps of this young Carmelite from her days in Lisieux all the way to the hearts of those more
Every year around mid-December there is a blessing at the Sunday Angelus Address of angels and little Baby Jesus figurines. As you can see in the photo, it’s a cute scene to see young children gleefully getting their Baby Jesus figures blessed, so they can be laid in their Nativity scenes at home. And though more
October 1st!  The mornings here in Toronto are crisp and cool, the days are still warm and welcoming, the leaves are changing colour.  It’s a favourite time of year for me.  And as I’ve written in the past, liturgically it’s a great time for saintly celebrations: we’ve got the Archangels, the Guardian Angels, St. Jerome, more
The disheveled man lurched along the trail, as if stumbling off the set of a George Romero movie. He wore just one hiking boot; the other ankle was swollen and purple. Half-naked—the wrong half—his bare legs were covered in deep cuts and two crimson, football-sized lesions. His wide eyes did not avert their gaze as more