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S+L BLOG: Truth

Fr. Rob Galea offers a few points for reflection in light of the ongoing discussion of Lady Gaga’s search for Mercy and Truth. Points for Discussion: – Watch Video – 1. What does it mean to have ‘an encounter with God’? 2. Name some people in the Bible who have had such an encounter. 3. ...read more
Written by Joseph Ruane The word ‘Catholic’ means ‘Universal’, yet one cannot fully appreciate the universality of the Church until one attends World Youth Day. The vast crowds, multitude of flags and prayerful silences of a Mass with one million or more in attendance are unimaginable until you live and breathe this surreal gathering of ...read more
Deacon-struct the meaning of Scripture during the Season of Lent with Deacon Pedro. ...read more
The feast of the Epiphany is celebrated in the Christmas season and through Matthew’s Gospel we become aware of the visit of the wise men or Magi who come in search of the Christ child so that they might present their gifts. It is interesting that in the homily of an early saint and bishop ...read more