BLOG: World Youth Day 2002
When I think of World Youth Day 2002, it’s funny, because I actually don’t feel like I attended the event. Silly thing, really, since for two years I worked with the WYD2002 National Office helping prepare and run the event. My job was Artistic Director, meaning that I was in charge of all artistic programming. more
10 years ago, the world descended upon Toronto for World Youth Day 2002. This week on the Summer Edition of the SLHour, we bring you highlights from the WYD2002 CD LIVE – recorded at Exhibition Place, on July 18th 2002. The WYD2002 compilation album is the only completely international catholic music collection in the world more
Canadian daily newspaper The Toronto Star has published an article on Salt + Light Television in their business section.  See it below: Let there be (Salt) Light Ron Csillag Special to The Star February 24, 2011 Call it the little network that could. Maybe with a divine nudge. In the only-God-knows-how-many-channel universe, Canada’s first homegrown more