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K-of-C: Tuesday’s Adventures

Alicia Ambrosio

August 6, 2008
Tuesday was the second official day of the Knights of Columbus Supreme Convention here in Quebec City and the most jam-packed day.
It started early for us Salt + Light'ers. My alarm went off at 6am and somehow I managed to get myself in gear. The day kicked off with the opening Mass. Watching the Knights process in their full uniforms, I realized I have never seen so many feathers in one place!!! After doing my live hits from the media broadcast centre at the Palais du Congress I scurried down to the press room to watch the Mass live on the monitors. Just before the Mass ended I made the mistake of popping out of the media room to use the ladies room. I should have noticed the barricades going up as I scurried past the security people and organizers who were shooing people away. On my way back to the media centre my path was blocked by the procession of con-celebrants exiting the Mass. I found out the hard way how long it takes for 75 Bishops, nine Cardinals and over a hundred fully decorated Knights to process out! Eventually I saw a break in the line, ducked down a bit, and ran for dear life trying not to get trampled by men with swords and flashing my media badge at all the security people while they shouted "excuse me madame! excuse me madam!"
I then had the pleasure of following our fearless leader Fr. Tom across the city to the Chateau Frontenac where Mrs. Anderson, wife of Carl Anderson, Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus was hosting a luncheon for the wives of the Grand Knights. Fr. Tom, myself and David Naglieri were special guests at the luncheon. David and I were invited to speak about our S+L experiences as young professionals working in Catholic media. At the last moment David was summoned back to the broadcast centre and Fr. Tom and I represented S+L on our own. It was a treat to be in a room full of women as I'm the only woman from S+L on this trip to Quebec City -- it means I don't have to open doors, pick up tabs, do any heavy lifting....I could get used to this!
Au revoir from Quebec!!