Were not our hearts burning within us?: Young converts to Catholicism share their stories on this Friday’s Perspectives

Jenna Murphy

May 14, 2010
If you weren’t born Catholic would you have found your way to the Church? It’s hard to say. Ask most converts to the faith and they will tell you they didn’t see conversion in their_MG_2192 immediate future. But, as we will hear tonight, the Holy Spirit sure does move in mysterious ways!
This Friday on Perspectives we will welcome a panel of three young converts to the Catholic Church. Each one of them has taken a very different path in finding their way “home”.
One guest felt the pull towards Catholicism while studying to become a pastor in an Evangelical seminary; another young nominally-Buddhist young man says that it was a pair of Mormons that helped him find the Catholic Church.
We asked them (and all of you cradle Catholics and converts alike via Facebook):
What is it about the Catholic faith that makes "your heart burn within you"? The responses ranged from the Great Gift of the Eucharist, to community and fellowship, to the Church’s vision of the human person. It is obvious that the Church speaks uniquely to each human heart.
Tonight, Perspectives host Pedro Guevara Mann sits down with Lawrence Floucault, a teenage convert and prospective medical student, Lindsey Homeyer, a former Evangelical Youth Pastor- turned nursing student and Anthony Yeow, a convert from a Buddhist background who is now a teacher at Northmount Catholic School For Boys in Toronto.
Be sure to tune in tonight at 7 and 11pm ET (8pm PT) for to hear what initially made (and continues to make) the hearts of these brave, young converts burn with love for the Catholic faith.