Tonight on Perspectives: Miracles 101

Jenna Murphy

October 22, 2010
When was the last time you prayed for a miracle?ValentiPawel
Thanks to the recent canonization of St. André of Montréal, also known by many as the Miracle Man of Montréal, we’ve all been thinking lots about miracles lately.
And our nation’s newspapers and media outlets are no exception. In fact, last week nearly every major newspaper in the nation featured a front-page article highlighting the life of Canada’s newest saint.  Many people—journalists, skeptics or otherwise—perk up when miracles make an appearance.
So what is a miracle? Aren’t all answered prayers simply instances of God being God? Should we really be surprised when they happen?
Join Pedro Guevara Mann as he sits down with Fr. Pawel Ratajczak OMI, the Director Catholic Youth Studio-KSM Inc. and Cathy Valenti, a “miracle enthusiast” who experienced a major physical healing after persisting in prayer. That’s Perspectives this Friday October 22nd for Perspectives Weekly at 7pm ET and 8pm ET.