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Working out in the New Year?

Deacon Pedro

January 12, 2011
It’s the New Year and I suspect that many of you spent some time figuring out what would be a good resolution for this year. Maybe you’ll try to stop smoking, maybe you’ll try to work less, or maybe you’ll try to pray more. Undoubtedly, some of you have resolved to work out more. It’s kind of hard not to think about fitness after spending so much time eating over the holidays and with all the gym subscription discounts available at this time of the year.
If you’re like me, you’re done with New Year’s resolutions. Still, I’d like to spend more time in prayer and dedicate more time to fitness – I am not that young anymore! But sometimes I feel I have to choose. If I have half an hour a day, should I spend it in prayer, or should I spend it working out? Do I split the time? Do I try to combine them? Sometimes, when I swim, I’ll say a decade of the Rosary, one Hail Mary per lap… I know a lot of people do this while jogging. I am curious to know what your strategy is to integrate prayer and fitness. Send me your comments.
And while you’re thinking about that, tune in to Catholic Focus tonight. There is a new option for us who feel we have to choose between prayer and fitness: The Catholic Workout. Last month I sat down with personal trainer and author, Michael Carrera who walked me (actually, worked me) through the Workout. We were joined by Fr. Donatello Iocco (just to be sure). Fr. Donatello  is the Associate Pastor of St. Clare of Assisi Catholic Church in Woodbridge, ON . The Catholic Workout is a wonderful way to bring prayer into your working out, but also to bring a physical component to your prayerful contemplation. This is an episode of Catholic Focus that you will not want to miss. (For more on the Catholic Workout, you can also download or stream the November 6th, 2010 edition of our S+L Radio podcast.)
After tonight, no excuses: I expect all of us to be physically and spiritually fit!  Happy New Year!
Catholic Focus: The Catholic Workout airs Wednesday January 12th at 7pm/11pm ET or 8pm / midnight PT, with an encore presentation Saturday, January 15th at the same times.