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Perspectives Daily - Vatican Releases New Guidelines for Bio-Ethical Questions

Noel Ocol

February 9, 2017
To help clarify the Catholic Church's positions on abortion, contraception, genetic engineering, fertility treatments, vaccines, frozen embryos and other life issues, the Vatican released an expanded and updated guide of the church's bio-ethical teachings.
Msgr. Jean-Marie Mupendawatu secretary delegate for health care in the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, said the charter "is a valid compendium of doctrine and praxis" not only for those directly involved in providing medical care, but also for researchers, pharmacists, administrators and policymakers in the field of health care.
The "New Charter for Health Care Workers" is meant to provide a thorough summary of the church's position on affirming the primary, absolute value of life  and reaffirms the sanctity of life" as a gift from God and calls on those working in health care to be "servants" and "ministers of life" who will love and accompany all human beings from conception to their natural death, Msgr. Jean-Marie Mupendawatu said during a news conference at the Vatican Feb. 6.
At this time this bio-ethical document is only available in Italian, but will soon be translated into English and in French, explained Monsignor Mupendawatu.
Of course, once it’s available, we’ll have it on our blog site for you to review.
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