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Perspectives Daily - Pope Francis: In Hope We Were Saved

Noel Ocol

February 22, 2017
We begin in Rome, where earlier today Pope Francis addressed pilgrims at his weekly General Audience. The Holy Father continued his catechesis on Christian Hope, reflecting on St. Paul's words in the Letter to the Romans:“In hope we were saved."
Now, here’s an interesting headline. A recent study by the Pew Research Center has found that Americans are expressing a increasingly warmer feelings toward religious groups. 
In this study, the Pew Research Center survey found that when it comes to religion, Americans generally express more positive feelings toward various religious groups today than they did just a few years ago. Jews and Catholics continue to receive the warmest ratings while atheists and Muslims move upwards from cool to neutral on their thermometer ratings.
According to their study, Muslims and atheists increased in the ratings and went up from a 40 and 41 degrees to the more neutral ratings of 48 and 50.
Evangelical Christians, rated relatively warmly at 61 degrees, are the only group for which rating did not change since the question was last asked in 2014.
American attitudes toward Mormons and Hindus have shifted from relatively neutral places on the thermometer to somewhat warmer ratings of 54 and 58, respectively. Ratings of Buddhists rose from 53 to 60. And mainline Protestants, whom respondents were not asked to rate in 2014, receive a warm rating of 65 in this new survey.
In the end however, Jews and Catholics continue to be among the groups that receive the warmest ratings across all age demographics – even warmer than in 2014 as they shift from the low 60’s to a high 60’s rating.
And you can read the entire study in detail, on the Pew Research Study website at www.pewforum.org.
Yesterday, we had very special guests visit the S+L studios. Our friends from the communications team at the Archdiocese of Toronto, headed by Neil McCarthy, came by for a tour, Mass and luncheon with the staff. Check out how the day went.
One final programming note today. Next Monday, S+L TV will broadcast live from St. Mary's Cathedral in Calgary the Installation of Bishop McGratton as the 8th Bishop of Calgary, with live commentary by Fr. Thomas Rosica at 9:30pm EST.
On the Sunday evening before, at 8pm eastern, we’ll be airing a special episode of Witness, where Fr.Tom talks to Bishop McGrattan one-on-one about his upcoming Installation. For details and time, you can visit our website.
That is it for PerspectivesFrom all of us here at the Salt + Light, we thank you for joining us and we’ll see you again tomorrow.