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Top Muslim Leadership in The Philippines React To Viral Cathedral Destruction Video - Perspectives Daily

Noel Ocol

June 8, 2017
Last Saturday hundreds of people gathered in Easton, Massachusetts for the 25th anniversary Mass of the death of Fr. Patrick Peyton.
Fr. Peyton is best known as the Rosary priest or the Hollywood priest, because of his Family Theater program and his Rosary crusades. He is the person responsible for the phrase "The family that prays together, stays together." and was one of the first pioneers of evangelism using mass media. Fr. Peyton dedicated his life to serving God by bringing a message of hope to families around the world. His love for Mary and Jesus fueled his desire to share the fruits of the family rosary during every waking moment of his priestly-life. It is for these reasons that his cause for beatification is being advanced.
The event was hosted by Holy Cross Family Ministries, a ministry that was founded by Fr. Peyton. The event included many activities, including a Rosary Procession and a Mass that was presided by the local bishop, Bishop Edgar da Cunha.
We congratulate our friends at Holy Cross Family Ministries, Family Rosary, and Family Theater Productions on this silver anniversary. If you’d like more information on the Holy Cross Family Ministries, you can visit their website listed below.
In the Philippines Muslim, religious and political leaders have joined in the barrage of condemnation about the desecration of a Catholic cathedral by ISIS gunmen in the besieged city of Marawi. A conference that represents the top Muslim leadership in the Philippines, issued a statement yesterday saying: "Let it be known to all that Islam commands all Muslims even in wartime, to protect places of worship."
This harsh reaction came after a 96-second video recently surfaced on social media showing ISIS militants thrashing St. Mary Cathedral and setting it on fire on May 23rd.
The Muslim leaders said that, "what this terrorist group has done, is un-Islamic and a blatant disrespect and disregard of the teachings of Islam, they do not represent Islam but the enemies of Islam". Bishop Edwin dela Pena of Marawi was angered by insurgents' actions after seeing the video. "Our faith has really been trampled on," he said.
As of today, thousands of Muslims and Christians are still trapped in the besieged city, which has been the target of military airstrikes in past days, while more than 235,000 people, mostly Muslims, are reported to have been displaced by the continuing conflict.
Here in Canada, Faith leaders launched a national appeal in response to famines in South Sudan and the extreme food shortages in Yemen, Nigeria and Somalia.
The President of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, Bishop Douglas Crosby,  along with other Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Sikh faith leaders in Canada have launched a national appeal to help address the famine-plague where more than 20 million people, including 1.4 million children, are at risk of death in the upcoming months in these countries.
Each of the participating faith communities is mobilizing efforts to respond to one of the world's largest humanitarian crises since the Second World War: the reality of multiple famines occurring simultaneously in four separate countries. For details on how you can participate, you can visit the CCCB website listed here.
The Knights of Columbus have begun a nationwide television and digital ad campaign to spread awareness of the situation of Christians in the Middle East and raise funds on their behalf.
"We must act quickly if Christianity is to survive in the Middle East," said Supreme Knight Carl Anderson, in a statement. "Three years after ISIS rolled through their country, entire communities of Christians could face extinction without our help, and if they disappear, the chance for a pluralism and tolerance of minorities will be lost in that country."
The ad features Father Douglas Bazi, a Catholic priest from the Kurdish region in northern Iraq. He tells the story of how he was taken by Islamic militants and tortured for nine days. Have a look
The Knights of Columbus will match $1 million in donations made before July 1. This pledge campaign can make a historical difference as to whether or not Christianity survives in Iraq. If you’d like more information on this campaign, you can visit their site listed here.
That's it for Perspectives this week. We'll see you again next Monday.