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Here Are The Newest Cardinals Who Will Elect The Next Pope - Perspectives Daily

June 28, 2017
Pope Francis addressed the pilgrims gathered at St. Peter’s square in Rome today during his weekly general audience. Continuing his catechesis on Christian Hope, he spoke about the Hope and strength of the Martyrs
Here now is the summary.
The pope also held a Public Ordinary Consistory at St. Peter’s Basilica, for the creation of 5 new cardinals that included the imposition of the scarlet beretta, the presentation of the ring and the assignment of the title. During the ceremony, the Pope told them that “Cardinals are not called to be princes of the church, but to serve the people of God and tackle the sins of the world”
The newest members of the college of cardinals are:
  • Msgr. Jean Zerbo, archbishop of Bamako, in Mali;
  • Msgr. Juan Jose Omella, archbishop of Barcelona, Spain;
  • Msgr. Anders Arborelius, bishop of Stockholm, Sweden;
  • Msgr. Louis-Marie Ling Mangkhanekhoun, titular bishop in Laos and
  • Msgr. Gregorio Rosa Chavez, titular bishop of the archdiocese of San Salvador.
The new appointments represent not only major European dioceses such as Stockholm, but also represent the pope’s acute attention to the peripheries. As of today, the total college of cardinals has 225 members, 121 of which are under the age of 80 and able to vote at the next conclave. The majority of electors are in Europe.
After the consistory, Pope Francis and the new cardinals visited retired Pope Benedict in his residence in the Vatican gardens.
Tomorrow I will have a detailed report and some images from the consistory so stay tuned. You can visit our website for the complete bios of the new cardinals and the pope’s complete homily.
You can also re-watch the entire consistory below:
Lastly, the Director of the Holy See Press Office, Greg Burke, issued a statement earlier this week regarding the case of missing Catholic Bishop Peter Shao Zhumin of Wenzhou China, who was "forcibly removed from his episcopal See some time ago".
The statement affirmed that: "The diocesan Catholic community and his relatives have no news or reasons for his removal, nor do they know where he is being held."
Mr. Burke went on to say the Holy See is "profoundly saddened for this and other similar episodes that unfortunately do not facilitate ways of understanding, expresses the hope that the Bishop  may return as soon as possible to the diocese and that he can be assured the possibility of serenely exercising his episcopal ministry."
This is the fourth time that Bishop Shao has been detained by Chinese authorities since the Vatican confirmed him as Bishop of Wenzhou last September. I will keep you up to date on this developing story as details become available.
That's all for today. Im Noel Ocol.