Sharing Canada’s Birthday

Rosina Di Felice

July 1, 2017
The staff of Salt + Light Media come from 14 different countries. This summer, for Canada's 150th anniversary, we are reflecting on what makes Canada so special to each of us? Here Rosina Di Felice, administration and grants manager, reflects on what sharing Canada's birthday means to her.
A special day in history is approaching as Canada is celebrating its 150th birthday on July 1st. For me, Canada Day has always been extra special as it is also my birthday. I am very proud to share my birthday with this great country. For my Italian born parents, who immigrated to this country in the 1950’s, it was extra special for them to have their second child (and daughter) born on the holiday that celebrates the country that welcomed them with open arms. And it was even more special as I, along with all the other babies who were born on July 1st 1965 at North Western Hospital in Toronto, had our pictures taken. Not long after that, at the tender age of two, I was blessed with a special treat. My family traveled to Montreal to visit my grandparents and we went to Expo 67, Canada's main celebration during its centennial year.
From my earliest recollection, I have always felt proud and blessed to share Canada’s birthday. What a great day to have a birthday! I never had to attend school or work on my day. There were always lots of activities and celebrations going on….. and topped off with fireworks at the end of the day. As I look beyond these nice perks, there is a true sense of patriotism it instills in me. Oh Canada, what a beautiful land of diversity, opportunity and freedom you are! I thank God I was born in this great country and am truly blessed to share my birthday with Canada. Happy Birthday Canada! Buon fête Canada!