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Toronto WYD 15th Anniversary Reunion - Perspectives Daily

Noel Ocol

July 17, 2017
I'd like to start with a quick review the Pope’s address to pilgrims at St. Peter’s square during his weekly Sunday Angelus prayer. The Pope recalled the Gospel reading of the day, the famous parable of the sower and explained that the sower is Jesus, but the parable itself, concerns us as it speaks of the soil and not the sower. He asked Christians to declare war against the vices that prevent the seed of God to take root in our soul. At the end of the prayer, he extended a special greeting to the Venezuelan Catholic community renewing his prayers to that beloved country.
The Sunday Angelus is the Pope’s only public appearance for the month of July. He will resume his regular schedule in August which includes his weekly general audience on Wednesdays.
Last week I brought you the story about the recent media attention surrounding the Vatican-owned, Bambino Gesù Children’s hospital and some of the problems and complaints that the Vatican is trying  to clean up. Now it seems that part of that clean up involves an embezzlement indictment against the former President and the ex-Treasurer of the hospital’s foundation.
Vatican magistrates have formally indicted Giuseppe Profiti and Massimo Spina on charges of illegally diverting more than 4,000 eurosof  to help finance the remodeling of Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone's apartment. A statement from the Vatican says the former executives were summoned to appear before the court to answer charges that they diverted monies belonging to the Foundation. If the two men do not present themselves to the court on the opening trial date July 18th, they will be charged with contempt.  It appears that while still hospital,  Profiti was found guilty for past bribes and kickbacks when assigning or promising to award contracts to companies bidding for work at public schools and other hospitals. I will bring you more on this developing story as details become available.
Yesterday, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the 2002 Toronto World Youth Day, the national organizing staff from all over Canada, gathered here the Salt and Light studios for a reunion to remember the blood, sweat and tears, and to celebrate the joy that was put into making WYD 2002 a defining moment in Canadian Catholic history. And what a great event it was!
Hey, No Complaining! That’s the new sign that’s hanging from the Pope’s front door of this small apartment on Santa Marta! The Vatican Insider posted a great story over the weekend of the sign that the Pope put on his front door, a gift from a psychologist he met at an audience in St. Peter's Square back in June.  The funny sign says: "NO COMPLAINING"! and continues to warn that: "offenders are subject to a syndrome of victimism, that lowers the mood and the ability to solve problems. Sanction is doubled if the offense is committed in the presence of children". Finally, the sign concludes: "To become your best, you must focus on your own potential and not on your own limits, so stop complaining and act to change your life for the better."
Now this message is so powerful, that ironically, the same sign has started showing up here at the S+L Office!
That's all for today. Join me again tomorrow, when I bring you more news and stories from a Perspectives of a Catholic Lens.