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Defiant of The Pope's Mandate, Catholic Hospital Continues to Offer Euthanasia - Perspectives Daily

Noel Ocol

September 19, 2017
In Belgium, the hospital group that bears the name, the Catholic Brothers of Charity, said that it will continue to offer euthanasia despite direct orders from the Pope.
Earlier this year, The Brothers of Charity Group, stated that it would allow its doctors to perform euthanasia in any of its 15 medical centers. The Superior-General of the Catholic order,  Brother Rene Stockman, upset about the board's decision, solicited Vatican intercession resulting in the Papal ultimatum that the group reverse their decision and sign a declaration condemning euthanasia or face sanctions under Canon law.
With the hospital group’s refusal to reverse its policy, Br. Rene Stockman is set to meet with Vatican officials next week to discuss sanctions, which may include the Vatican's withdrawal of their sponsorship for the hospital group, depriving it of its Catholic identity. More on this story, in coming weeks.
In other news, a letter written by the Pope to the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was published today, encouraging them in the “missionary charism” of their foundress, Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, the patron of immigrants; this, on the occasion of her 100th year, death anniversary.
In his letter to Superior-General, Sister Barbara Louise Staley, the Pope noted that “in today’s population movements, with the inevitable tensions they create, make Mother Cabrini a very contemporary figure.”  “In particular,” he said, “the saint focused attention on situations of greatest poverty and fragility such as the needs of orphans and miners.”  The Pope assured them of his prayers because he had always known the figure of Mother Cabrini and, because of his special concern for immigrants.
Our very own Fr. Tom Rosica shares some thoughts about this amazing saint who, as the patroness of immigrants, is so relevant to the migrant crisis that the world faces today.
And speaking of migration, Catholic leaders reflect on the Church’s teaching related to welcoming refugees. This from our friends at Catholic Relief Services:
That's all for today. Join us again on tomorrow, when we bring you more news and stories from the Perspective of a Catholic lens.