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New Quebec Law is Deemed Discriminatory Against Muslim Women - Perspectives Daily

Noel Ocol

October 25, 2017
We begin today in Rome where Pope Francis tells the faithful never to despair, as the Lord’s grace is always present to those who put their trust in Him. Speaking at his weekly General Audience, the Pope continued his catechesis on Christian hope, which incidentally, will be his last talk on the subject. And so, he said: “I will end by talking about heaven, as the goal of our hope”. Here now is the summary.
Here in Canada, a new Quebec law on state neutrality on religion is under fire as many deem it "discriminatory" against some Muslim women. Bill 62, officially adopted Oct. 18, requires that from now on, public services will not be given and received to any person whose face is covered.
This law was quickly criticized when it became clear that it meant, that some Muslim women might not be allowed on to public buses or subways, and anywhere that they’ll need to interact with public service providers. All this, despite the fact, that there was no direct mention of any face-covering headwear such as a hijab or a burqa in the new law.
Last year, the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Quebec presented its views on religious plurality and religious liberty during consultations around the draft. At the moment, however, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops said it will not comment on a provincial matter and so far, there are no reactions from the Catholic Church in Quebec.
If you happen to be in Toronto this weekend, why not join Toronto’s, Cardinal Collins at the 3rd Annual Father Boulad Dinner for Christians in the Middle East. Here are the details from the Cardinal himself.
Again, the event takes place this Saturday, October 28th at the Transfiguration of Our Lord Parish in Etobicoke. Funds raised at this event will help fund projects supported by CNEWA and also for Fr. Henri Boulad for Christians in the Middle East.
And finally, one programming note to mention. Pope Francis will be making a very special phone call to the six-member crew of the International Space Station tomorrow at approximately 3:00 PM local Rome time. The call will be streamed LIVE on the Salt + Light website tomorrow morning at approximately 9:00 AM eastern time and be archived and available for viewing later.
I will bring you more on this story on tomorrow's edition of Perspectives Daily but if you’d like to watch the conversation live, you can visit our website listed below for details.
That is all for today. Join us again tomorrow when I bring you more news and stories from the Perspective of a Catholic lens.