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An End To The Conspiracy Theories Behind Pope John Paul I's Death - Perspectives Daily

Noel Ocol

November 7, 2017
A new book hits the stores today shedding light on the widely speculated death of Pope John Paul I - a book that will put an end to the many conspiracy theories claiming that he was murdered in 1978.
The book, “Pope Luciani: Chronicle of a Death” is written by Italian journalist Stefania Falasca, who also serves as vice-postulator of the late Pope’s sainthood cause. It reveals that hours before his death, John Paul I complained of chest pains. Paying no attention to it, and ordering that his doctor not be called, he died of a heart attack hours later. Now according to Vatican insiders, it’s expected that the Vatican will shortly announce that Pope Francis will move forward the sainthood process for the man who was pope for 33 days, the 10th shortest papacy of all time.
Once this happens, the path for his beatification is opened and requires the approval of a miracle attributed to his intercession. Currently, the Vatican is examining two alleged miracles from the late Pope’s intercession.
In the Philippines, the Catholic bishops' conference started a prayer vigil to protest thousands of killings through the government’s initiative to eradicate drug abuse and drug dealing. Archbishop Socrates Villegas the outgoing president of the conference, led the "Lord, Heal Our Land" Mass where he called for repentance and an end to the killings and warned that clergy, politicians and security forces need to repent for complacency, ambition for power and instilling fear rather than respect. He also called on the faithful to pray the rosary every day until December 8, the feast of the Immaculate Conception.
The Philippine National Police has reported that more than 3,900 suspected drug dealers and addicts were killed in the 17 months since President Rodrigo Duterte took office, but rights groups and local media have reported up to 12,000 deaths as a result of police operations and unexplained killings.
Now here’s an interesting thought. Have you ever considered who made your clothes, your jewelry or your food? There is a person behind each of these products that you regularly purchase. Our friends at Catholic Relief Services is promoting Ethical Trade and the importance of conscientious purchasing and how it affects the lives you probably don't think about. Watch the video above.
That is all for today. Join us again tomorrow when I bring you more news and stories from the Perspective of a Catholic lens.